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Microbiology Lecture Series Video


General Microbiology DVD
The General Microbiology DVDs and video titles covers the principles of General Microbiology. Microbiology DVDs set has 12 DVDs covering the study of microorganisms, which are unicellular or cell-cluster microscopic organisms. Microbiology is a study of microorganisms and their association with other living thing. Some may cause diseases and most of them are harmless to humans but very useful in different ways causing harmful and beneficial aspects of microorganism. This General Microbiology DVD set includes eukaryotes such as fungi and protists, and prokaryotes, which are bacteria and archaea. Viruses, though not strictly classed as living organisms, are also studied. 


Microbiology DVDs and video titles are suitable for individual students, instructors and professors at career schools, vocational colleges, junior and community colleges, university level undergraduate level courses for students who want to expand their knowledge of the microscopic world, in general, or for use in professional or further studies. Microbiology DVDs and video titles are fundamentally for the general microbiology course taught at a level which should allow for seamless continuity and integration with Nursing, Medical, Dental and Allied health Microbiology courses.

The Microbiology DVDs has animations, interviews and PowerPoint’s slides incorporated in the lecture for easy grasping and comprehension of the subject matter. The Microbiology DVD set is suitable for individual students or institution.


Many of the microorganisms may be regarded as man's worst enemies since they cause a wide array of diseases. Viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of human beings have taken a heavy toll of human life, destruction of domesticated animals and total loss of agricultural crops. But the development of microbiology gave an insight into the life of microbes. Study of the structure and life history of microbes will help us to control them so that diseases can be prevented and if it occurs can be cured. The benefit that man can derive from the activities of microorganism are immense giving a helping hand to improve the quality of life.

 Microbiology DVD

Microbiology DVD © 2016
Available for  Institutions, Libraries & Individual Students
Total Run Time: 26 hours
Package: 12 DVDs Set
ISBN: 978-9987-03-023-1


General Microbiology DVD



01. Microbial World (Introduction to Microbiology)
02. The Chemical Principles
03. Observing Microorganism Using Microscope
04. Functional anatomy of Microorganism
05. Microbial Metabolism
06. Microbial Growth
07. Control of microbial Growth
08. Microbial Genetics
09. Biotech and Recombinant DNA Technology
10. Microbial Classification and Taxonomy


01. Prokaryotes: Bacteria
02. Eukaryotes: Fungi, Protozoans and Worms
03. Viruses, Viriods and Prions
04. Disease Principles and Epidemiology
05. Mechanisms of Pathogenicity
06. Host Mechanisms and Immunology
07. Antimicrobial Drugs
08. Diseases of the Skin, Eye, Nervous, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System
09. Diseases of the Respiratory, Digestive, and Reproductive System
10. Applied and Industrial Microbiology
11. Environmental Microbiology


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General Microbiology Lecture Video and DVD Demo


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