eLearning Platform

Minnay ProWe work with institutions that want to create a customized Online Course Management System (CMS) for the specific courses or the entire school. A Course Management System (CMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs Schools, Colleges and Universities use to deliver online classes and augment campus courses. CMS can be used to mirror traditional delivered courses for online delivery or supplement traditional courses with resources that enhance learning to students. We work with academic institutions to customize their needs for online training with course delivery and student performance at the center of our focus.

School owners, departments heads, individual instructors or professors can create and maintain eCourse resources such as videos, audios, practice questions and answers, e-books, and other learning resources to meet learning objectives in delivering the content through online platform. We stand hand in hand with our partners to establish long term partnerships in support, consulting and developments.

The Services & Features

  1. eCourse Development
  2. Practice Exams Integrations
  3. eGradebook
  4. Tracking and Assessments
  5. Multimedia Integration (Video, Audio, Graphics, Animations etc)
  6. Notes, e-Books and other resources
  7. Assignments
  8. Discussion Forum
  9. Wiki Integration
  10. Timed and Proctored Online Exams
  11. Many More..


  1. Minnay Inc eLearning Platform is unique because it comes with both Content and eSolution (Platform) compare to many solution out there that have only the platform but not the contents that are needed on the solution and many institutions end up paying twice for the service that could be consolidated in our package and save money for other training needs.
  2. Our services are very reasonable because we have more than 30 years combined experience in education and elearning technology. Our team is made up of educators, curriculum developers, technicians and business managers. We guarantee top performance, on time delivery and professionalism. We have a portfolio of more than 70 colleges and universities using our services or benefited from our services

Our Online Platform
We provide an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps Corporations, Educational Institutions and Non-profit organizations manage their education offerings. Using this system organizations can manage the entire learning process including managing learners, managing courses/classes and generating reports. This system integrates seamlessly with popular web-based applications for payment gateways such as, PayPal and others.

We provide a Platform for administering and delivering Online Certification.Using this system you can create online tests, administer, manage and deliver these tests for your customers, employees and partners. This system can be used by any organization that requires an online testing platform. Its integrated with payment gateways for those who wish to provide paid certification services. After completion Certificates can be printed automatically by participants based on time or pass score that is set. Great for training like OSHA, HIPPA, Orientations, CEUs etc

Content Creation
It easy and no hassle to create contents for online deployment, create courses from content available in PDF, PowerPoint presentations, MS-Word, Excel documents, HTML, Flash and other media formats. You can quickly create courses and customize them for your online system. Our platform supports multiple forms of content multimedia such as embed from YouTube, Vimeo and traditional video files such as WMV, AVI, MP4, MP3 etc.

Video Conferencing Solutions
Our platform integrates with several video conference solutions such as WebEx. This integration helps customers use our integrated system to manage all their traditional instructor-led classes, as well as virtual online classes through one common access through our platform. Our online solution integrates with online learning products such as self-paced courses, videos, podcasts, recorded webinars and many more.


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