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Nursing Sciences eCourseNursing Sciences eCourses bundle include Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternal-Newborn Care and Nursing Pharmacology eCourses wrapped-up together for Allied Health, Medical and Nursing professionals; these are comprehensive reviews and perfect study tool for students taking Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternal-Newborn Care and Nursing Pharmacology courses at the Nursing Schools, College or University level (Majors and Non-Majors). It is highly recommended for  students preparing for Class or NCLEX Board Exams or interested to improve on their grades (GPA)

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Nursing Sciences eCourses Bundle Package includes:

  1. Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse (more details)
  2. Medical Surgical Nursing eCourse (more details)
  3. Maternal Newborn Care eCourse (more details)
  4. Nursing Pharmacology eCourse (more details)

Nursing Sciences eCourses More Description

It includes both comprehensive study of Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternal-Newborn Care and Nursing Pharmacology with more than 10,000 Interactive Practice Questions and Answers from all topics covered in the entire courses allowing students to adequately prepare for their exams. It has streaming Videos and Audio Lectures for each topic to enhance learning of complex concepts, eText for professional referencing and research in the subject matter, Study Notes for quick review near exams. This online comprehensive and interactive course covers all crucial topics includes comprehensive questions in the exam format (multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer) allowing students to assess their strengths and weaknesses. The course summarized outline helps students grasp the concepts quickly as they prepare for the test or exams.

The Modular Quizzes are broken down chapter by chapter enhancing nursing students to learn systematically; the Final Review Exam is timed and cumulative from all chapters randomly picking questions from each topic mimicking the Computerized adaptive tests that are commonly used. An optional Certificate of Achievement with your name, credit hours and grade is automatically available once a pass-score is attained from a Final Review Exam. This interactive product is highly recommended for nursing students preparing for Ordinary Class or NCLEX Board Exams, instructors and educators interested in increasing the performance of their students. These e-Courses put students ahead of the curve by covering all probable questions that might be asked in their exam allowing them to pass consistently and improve on their grades (or GPA). The package question bank is compiled together by most qualified and experienced instructors including all possible questions in the Board Examinations and other regular evaluation tests. Perfect for students in the Allied Health Fields and Nursing.

  • eCourse Fee: $1096.98 $699.99 (Save more than 40% by getting bundled eCourses rather than individual eCourses
  • Course Category: Nursing Sciences
  • Students Taken : 11,568
  • Lessons Included: 215
  • Average Time to Completion: 200 hrs
  • Overall Student Pass Rate: 95.7%

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  1. Grade Score of 77% or more makes the participants eligible to Certificate of Achievement that can be downloadable as a PDF file.
  2. A letter grade is also assigned on the Certificate of Achievement

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