Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse

Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse

Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse is an online class designed for Allied Health, Medical and Nursing professionals. It is a comprehensive review and perfect study tool for students taking Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse and online at the Nursing Schools, College or University level. It includes more than 2800 Interactive Practice Questions and Answers, streaming Videos and Audio Lectures, eText, Study Notes for students.

Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse Final Review Exam is timed and cumulative with an optional Certificate of Achievement. It is highly recommended for  students preparing for Class or NCLEX Board Exams or interested to improve on their grades (GPA). Fundamentals of Nursing eCourses study tools are used by instructors and educators for their students in the Allied Health fields and Nursing Schools. Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse introduces classic nursing principles that underpin future clinical practice. Principles include such things as comfort measures, assistance with daily living activities, environmental concerns, positioning and transporting, asepsis and sterile technique, medication administration, intrusive therapies and use of the nursing process with particular emphasis on the intervention component.

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Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse Online Learning Objectives:

Fundamentals of Nursing Online Course addresses the following objectives

  1. Apply the nursing process at a beginning level of skill to interpret and manage human responses of clients to their actual or potential health problems.
  2. Apply principles from applied science and interpersonal processes to nurse-client interactions.
  3. Assess cultural, spiritual, and bio-psychosocial factors when arriving at nursing diagnoses and relevant interventions for individual clients.
  4. Utilize evidence-based information derived from course related research findings in the application of fundamental nursing care.
  5. Apply therapeutic communication and decision-making skills to involve the client in decision making regarding his/her healthcare.
  6. Identify theoretical principles and critical behaviors of fundamental nursing.
  7. Use critical thinking skills as a framework for clinical decision-making.
  8. Demonstrate responsibility for own behavior and growth as an adult learner and a professional.
  9. Demonstrate professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.
  • Online eCourse Fee: $199.99
  • Course Category: Nursing Sciences
  • Students Taken : 2987
  • Lessons Included: 52
  • Average Time to Completion: 48 hrs
  • Overall Student Pass Rate: 95.5%


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Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse Online Topics

Unit 1. The Nature of Nursing
1. Historical and Contemporary Nursing Practice
2. Evidence-Based Practice and Research in Nursing
3. Nursing Theories and Conceptual Frameworks
4. Legal Aspects of Nursing
5. Values, Ethics and Advocacy

Unit 2. Contemporary Health Care
6. Health Care Delivery Systems
7. Community Nursing and Care Continuity
8. Home Care
9. Electronic Health Records and Information Technology

Unit 3. The Nursing Process
10. Critical Thinking and Nursing Practice
11. Assessing
12. Diagnosing
13. Planning
14. Implementing and Evaluating
15. Documenting and Reporting

Unit 4. Health Beliefs and Practices
16. Health Promotion
17. Health, Wellness, and Illness
18. Culture and Heritage
19. Complementary and Alternative Healing Modalities

Unit 5. Life Span Development
20. Concepts of Growth and Development
21. Promoting Health: Conception through Adolescence
22. Promoting Health in Young and Middle-Aged Adults
23. Promoting Health in Older Adults
24. Promoting Family Health

Unit 6. Integrated Aspects of Nursing
25. Caring
26. Communicating
27. Teaching
28. Leading, Managing, and Delegating

Unit 7. Assessing Health
29. Vital Signs
30. Health Assessment

Unit 8. Integral Components of Client Care
31. Asepsis
32. Safety
33. Hygiene
34. Diagnostic Testing
35. Medications
36. Skin Integrity and Wound Care
37. Perioperative Nursing

Unit 9. Promoting Psychosocial Health
38. Sensory Perception
39. Self-Concept
40. Sexuality
41. Spirituality
42. Stress and Coping
43. Loss, Grieving, and Death

Unit 10. Promoting Physiological Health
44. Activity and Exercise
45. Sleep
46. Pain Management
47. Nutrition
48. Urinary Elimination
49. Fecal Elimination
50. Oxygenation
51. Circulation
52. Fluid, Electrolyte, Acid Base Balance

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Fundamentals of Nursing eCourse Online Features

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  • Unlimited Accessibility for 6 and 12 months
  • 24/7 Availability
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  1. Grade Score of 77% or more makes the participants eligible to Certificate of Achievement that can be downloadable as a PDF file.
  2. A letter grade is also assigned on the Certificate of Achievement

Credit Level

  • Certificate Level
  • College/University Level

Participants Assistance

  • Self Study (No instructor)
  • Instructor Available (Upon Request and Availability)
  • Instructor Request (If needed)