Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology Online CourseAnatomy and Physiology eCourse is designed for Allied Health, Medical and Nursing professionals; it is a comprehensive review and perfect study tool for students taking Anatomy and Physiology course at the Nursing Schools, College or University level. It includes more than 3300 Interactive Practice Questions and Answers, streaming Videos and Audio Lectures, eText, Study Notes. The Anatomy and Physiology eCourse Final Review Exam is timed and cumulative with an optional Certificate of Achievement. It is highly recommended for  students preparing for Exams or interested to improve on their grades (GPA). Also instructors and educators of Anatomy and Physiology eCourses for students in the Allied Health fields and Nursing Schools.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Use anatomical terminology to identify and describe locations of major organs of each system covered.
  2. Explain interrelationships among molecular, cellular, tissue and organ functions in each system.
  3. Describe the interdependency and interactions of the systems.
  4. Explain contributions of organs and systems to the maintenance of homeostasis.
  5. Identify causes and effects of homeostatic imbalances.
  6. Describe modern technology and tools used to study anatomy and physiology
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  • Course Category: Natural Sciences
  • Students Taken : 3780
  • Lessons Included: 24
  • Average Time to Completion: 60 hrs
  • Overall Student Pass Rate: 93.5%

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Anatomy and Physiology eCourse Topics

Anatomy & Physiology eCourse Part I

  1. An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
  2. The Chemical Level of Organization
  3. The Cellular Level of Organization
  4. The Tissue Level of Organization
  5. The Integumentary System
  6. Osseous Tissue and Skeletal Structure
  7. The Axial Skeleton
  8. The Appendicular Skeleton
  9. Articulations
  10. Muscle Tissue
  11. The Muscular System
  12. Neural Tissue
  13. The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
  14. The Brain and Cranial Nerves

Anatomy and Physiology eCoure Part II 

  1. Neural Integration I: Sensory and Somatic Nervous System
  2. Neural Integration II: The Autonomic Nervous System
  3. The Special Senses
  4. The Endocrine System
  5. Cardiovascular System: Blood
  6. Cardiovascular System: The Heart
  7. Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Circulation
  8. The Lymphatic System and Immunity
  9. The Respiratory System
  10. The Digestive System
  11. Metabolism and Energetics
  12. The Urinary System
  13. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
  14. The Reproductive System
  15. Development and Inheritance

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  1. Grade Score of 77% or more makes the participants eligible to Certificate of Achievement that can be downloadable as a PDF file.
  2. A letter grade is also assigned on the Certificate of Achievement

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