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This fast, effective tutorial helps you master core pathophysiological concepts from cells injury, inflammation, disease process, infectious diseases, systematic disease processes for all body systems and many more. It will help you get the best possible grade; It breaks down the chapters to simple terms which can finally be the light bulb you’re looking for when dealing with complicated pathological concepts. This course is designed in a very simple and summarized lecture format which could be used as for online or distance learning students or supplement to class notes and lecture presentations, its designed for students study after, before lecture or when preparing for exams.

The course has more than 1500 Interactive Questions and Answers for Practice for students preparing for diverse types of Exams including NCLEX. Each practice module is broken down into chapters for easy studying and reviewing. Final cumulative exams is timed, randomized with more than 400 questions that mimic the computerized tests. Each time you attempt the new set of questions appear based on your previous score.

Pathophysiology Contents

Unit 1: Mechanisms of Diseases
Cell Structure & Function
Tissue Adaptation & Injury
Genetic Control
Fluid, Electrolyte, Acid-Base Balance

Unit 2: Alterations in Body Defense
Stress and Adaptation
Immune Response
Inflammation, Tissue Repair and Fever
Alteration in Immune Responds

Unit 3: Hematological Systems
Structure and Function
Blood Flow
Blood Pressure

Unit 4: Cardiovascular System
Cardiac Function
Heart Failure and Shock

Unit 5: Respiratory System
Structure and Function
Infections and Cancer
Gas Exchange

Unit 6: Urinary System
Control and Alteration
Renal Failure
Urine Elimination

Unit 7: Gastrointestinal System
Structure and Function
Hepatobilliary System
Nutritional Related Diseases

Unit 8: Endocrine System
Organization and Control
Alteration of Glandular Functions

Unit 9: Reproductive System 
Male Reproductive Organs
Female Reproductive Organs
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Unit 10: Nervous System
Organization and Control
Brain and Its Disease Process
Neuromascular Pathophysiology
Pain and Its Pathophysiology
Special Sensory Function
Mental Illness

Unit 11: Skeletal and Integumentary System
Structure and Function
Trauma, Infection and Dev’tal Disorders
Metabolic and Rhematoid Disorders
Skin and Integrity

Unit 12: Misc Diseases
Genetic & Congenital Disorders
Hereditary Disorders

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