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Maternity Nursing DVDs

Maternity Nursing DVDs and Videos 
Maternity Nursing DVDsThe Maternity Nursing DVD and Video Series addresses concepts specific to the child-rearing family where the focus continues to be on the family-centered approach to nursing care with a greater depth for understanding of nursing role. The nurse’s responsibilities as a provider of care, manager of care, and member within the discipline of nursing, all which assist the client to progress toward wholeness and the need of client teaching, critical thinking, communication and pharmacology are explored. The Maternity Nursing DVD and Video set is used by instructors as supplemental material, nursing schools as alternative to textbooks and library as special professors reference materials. Individual students aspiring or already in nursing program is a “must have” Maternity Nursing DVD and Streaming Video set. This innovative package of Maternity Nursing DVD and Streaming videos is designed to help schools of nursing to improve their NCLEX pass rate for their graduating students by giving them tools to prepare and review the subject matter more efficiently, rigorously and comprehensively in Maternity Nursing DVD and Streaming videos. It saves you a lot of TIME to learn the entire course of Nursing Maternity from this video set taught by the good and reputable university and college educators

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