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CNA Lecture Review and Clinical Competence Skills DVDs and Video
Nursing Assistant instant accessThis package has CNA-I Nurse Aide or Nursing Assistants Review Student DVD and Video Lecture package and Clinical Skills Competence component to help student go through the first two steps of challenging the CNA-I Nurse Aide Exam. The lecture DVDs and  Video assist students to learn all the 16 units essential in making them competent Nurse Assistants and be able to work either in the hospital floor, nursing home facilities or home health care. Meanwhile, the Clinical Skill Based Training is designed to demonstrate all the skills that CNA-I Nurse Aide (Nursing Assistants) need to master before going to the skill based exam. The training demonstrates each skill in details and makes it easy for those who need an extra teaching of the skills or student who prefer not to attend traditional classes for training sessions. It saves you a lot of time to learn the entire course of CNA-I Nurse Aide I from this video set taught by the good and reputable university and college educators.

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