Medical Assisting Exam

Medical AssistingMedical Assisting Exam preparation review enables those pursuing Medical Assisting professional careers to review relevant material through the use of interactive technology, thereby gaining practice, and allowing them to become familiar with the types of questions given on board examinations. Review questions reinforce chapter material and aid in preparation for certification and licensure examinations. This prep package has over 3000 InterActive Practice Questions and Answers guaranteeing student and candidate success whether at college or Board Certification Exams (CCMA, AAMA, NHA) for both Clinical Medical Assisting (CMA) and Registered Medical Assisting (RMA) and also improving the Gross Pass Average (GPA)

Medical Assisting
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Medical Assisting Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the Exam prep course the student will be able to:

  1. Review the role of adaptive testing.
  2. Present a comprehensive, personal plan of study for the Boards.
  3. Provide an interactive and exhaustive question bank for Board style exam for candidates to practice.
  4. Provide timed exam to help candidates improve on time and familiarize on the exam.
  • Medical Assisting Exam Prep Online Fee: $199.99
  • Course Category: Board Exam Review
  • Students Taken : 604
  • Topics Included: 47
  • Average Time to Completion: 5 hrs
  • Overall Student Pass Rate: 93.3%


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Medical Assisting Topics

Section One: General Office Administration
01 Introduction to Medical Assisting
02 Trends in Medical Assisting
03 Professionalism
04 Medical Assisting Laws and Ethics
05 Interpersonal Communications
06 Patient Centered Care
07 Life Expectancy
08 Phone and Paper Communications
09 Reception and Patient Encounter
10 Safety in Clinical Environment
11 Medical Records and Management
12 Computers and Electronic Data
13 Equipment, Supply and Inventory
14 Procedural Coding
15 Insurance
16 ICD-9-CM-Coding
17 Policies and Procedures
18 Billing and Collections
19 Accounts and Financial Management
20 Medical Assisting Office Management
21 Medical Asepsis
22 Surgical Asepsis
23 Pharmacology and Drug Administrations
24 Vital Signs

Section Two: Clinical Aspects of Medical Assisting
25 Doctor's Office Surgery
26 Diagnostic Procedures
27 Microbiology and Observations
28 Blood and Clinical Lab
29 Urine and Kidney Analyses
30 Imaging
31 Heart Analysis and Cardiology
32 Lung Analyses and Pulmonology
34 Allergies and Immunity
35 Dermatology
36 Hormones and Endocrinology
37 Gastroentrology and Nutrition
38 OB/Gyn
39 Emergency Care
40 Pediatrics
41 Orthopedics
42 Neurology
43 Psychiatry
44 Cancer Biology and Analysis
45 Geriatrics and Old Age
46 Alternative Therapies
47 Bonus: Job Seeking


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