CNA-I Nurse Aide DVDs


CNA Lecture Review and Clinical Competence Skills [DVDs and Video Instant Streaming]
CNA-I Nurse Aide DVDsThis package has CNA (Nursing Assistants) Review Student DVD/Streaming Video Lecture package and Clinical Skills Competence component to help student go through the first two steps of challenging the CNA Exam. The lecture DVDs and Streaming Video assist students to learn all the 16 units essential in making them competent Nurse Assistants and be able to work either in the hospital floor, nursing home facilities or home health care. Meanwhile, the Clinical Skill Based Training is designed to demonstrate all the skills that CNA-I Nurse Aide (Nursing Assistants) need to master before going to the skill based exam. The training demonstrates each skill in details and makes it easy for those who need an extra teaching of the skills or student who prefer not to attend traditional classes for training sessions. It saves you a lot of TIME to learn the entire course of Nurse Aide I from this video set taught by the good and reputable university and college educators.

10 Reason Why You Should Have CNA-I (Nursing Assistants) DVDs and Video Streaming Access

  1. Enables you to learn at the comfort of your home, convenience of your time, desired pace and learning environment that you create.
  2. Research shows that audio-visual learning increases subject comprehension from 45% to 80%
  3. Suitable for students who struggle in class and those who desire highest performance as video series can be replayed anytime.
  4. Potential to improve your scores and pass the Exams and bring back your confidence and mastery of the subject matter.
  5. Bonus 3000 plus InterActive Practice Exam Questions and Answers accessible anywhere; optional with Full DVD/Video package.
  6. No more complaining about terrible and hard professors who do not know how to teach; no more bad grades or dropping of classes!
  7.  Number #1 Educator’s Pick to enhance classroom instruction, increase class retention and boost student success rate.
  8. Great for independent students that conduct self-directed learning; make the learning curve smoother and easier.
  9. Suitable for individuals with learning disabilities (dyslexia) as it requires more time and patience from both instructors and students.
  10. Institutions could stream the videos on their secure platform and make them accessible to students on demand, making learning more convenient.

CNA-I Nurse Aide DVDs
StarsCNA-I (Nursing Assistants) DVDs/Video Copyright: 2019
Available for  Institutions, Libraries & Individual Students
Total Run Time: 12 hours
Full Package: 13 DVDs/ 116 Streaming Video Titles
ISBN: 978-9987-03-031-6
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CNA-I Lecture Module DVD
Lecture Training for CNA-I Nurse Aide DVDs and Video Streams are designed to take a student through all the modules that CNA-I Nurse Aide (Nursing Assistants) need to master before going to the theory exam. The CNA DVDs and Video Stream trains the student systematically and it easy for those who need an extra teaching of the theory and concepts of Nursing Aide-I (Nursing Assistants) or student who prefer not to attend traditional classes for training sessions. Among other conceptual requirements, there are presently 15 specific nursing modules that must be learned for a nurse aide student to become a CNA-I Nurse Aide  ((Nursing Assistants). These 15 modules are covered by candidates attending the NURSE AIDE TRAINING PROGRAM or watching this CNA-I Nurse Aide DVDs. Testing on any of these modules may occur when a graduate of the program takes the Nurse Aide exams (State Boards).


Module 01 Introduction to Clinical Nurse Aide Profession
Module 02 Communication Skills
Module 03 Infection Control
Module 04 Safety and Emergency Procedures
Module 05 Ethical and Legal Issues
Module 06 Nutrition and Hydration
Module 07 Common Diseases and Conditions of body Systems
Module 08 Resident Environment
Module 09 Personal Care and Grooming
Module 10 Basic Nursing Care Skills
Module 11 Resident Care Procedures
Module 12 Caring for Residence when Death is Imminent
Module 13 Basic Restorative Services
Module 14 Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
Module 15 Psychological Effects of Aging


Part I General Nursing Assist Skills
Skill 1- Washes Hands
Skill 2- Knee-High Elastic Stocking on Client
Skill 3- Assists Client to Ambulate Using Gait Belt
Skill 4- Assists Client with Use Of Bedpan
Skill 5- Cleans and Stores Dentures
Skill 6- Counts and Records Radial Pulse
Skill 7- Counts and Records Respiration
Skill 8- Use of Personal Protective Equipment
Skill 9- Dresses Client with Affected Right Arm
Skill 10- Feeds Client Who Cannot Feed Self
Skill 11- Gives Modified Bed Bath
Skill 12- Makes an Occupied Bed
Skill 13- Measures and Records Blood Pressure
Skill 14- Measures and Records Urinary Output
Skill 15- Measures and Records Weight of Ambulatory Client
Skill 16- Performs Passive Range of Motion for One Knee and One Ankle
Skill 17- Performs Passive Range of Motion for One Shoulder
Skill 18- Positions Client on Side
Skill 19- Provides Catheter Care
Skill 20- Provides Fingernail Care on One Hand
Skill 21- Provides Foot Care on One Foot
Skill 22- Provides Mouth Care
Skill 23- Provides Perineal Care for Female Client
Skill 24- Transfers Client from Bed to Wheelchair

Part II
SECTION 1: Role & Function
Skill 25-Performing pre- and post- procedures steps
Skill 26-Documenting on medical record.
Skill 27-Washing hands.
Skill 28-Putting on & taking off mask & protective eyewear.
Skill 29-Putting on & and Taking off gown and gloves.
Skill 30-Removing contaminated disposable gloves.
Skill 31-Disposing of equipment from unit with transmission-based precautions.
Skill 32- Collecting specimen from resident under transmission-based Precautions.
Skill 33-Performing relief of choking.


SECTION TWO: Personal Care & Basic Nursing Skills  
Skill 34-Feeding client who cannot feed self.
Skill 35-Serving Supplementary nourishment.
Skill 36-Providing fresh drinking water.
Skill 37-Making closed bed.
Skill 38-Opening closed bed.
Skill 39-Making Occupied bed (Part I).
Skill 40-Making Occupied bed (Part II).
Skill 41-Assisting with oral Hygiene (minimal assistance from nurse aid).
Skill 42-Providing mouth care (minimal assistance from resident).
Skill 43-Providing mouth care for unconscious resident.
Skill 44-Assistance with denture care.
Skill 45-Cleaning and storing dentures.
Skill 46-Cleaning & trimming nails/providing fingernail care on one hand.
Skill 47-Providing foot care.
Skill 48-Assisting with shaving.
Skill 49-Caring for hair.
Skill 50-Dressing Client with affected (weak) right arm.
Skill 51-Giving complete bed bath.
Skill 52-Giving Partial Bath.
Skill 53-Giving modified bed bath.
Skill 54-Giving tub bath or shower.
Skill 55-Providing perinea care.
Skill 56-Giving back rub
Skill 57-Measuring & recording oral temperature (non-mercury glass thermometer).
Skill 58-Measuring axillary temperature (non-mercury glass thermometer).
Skill 59-Measuring rectal temperature (non-mercury glass thermometer).
Skill 60-Measuring temperature (electronic or tympanic thermometer)
Skill 61-Counting and recording radial pulse rate.
Skill 62-Measuring apical pulse
Skill 63-Counting and recording respiration
Skill 64-Measuring and recording blood pressure (manual).
Skill 65-Measuring blood pressure
Skill 66-Measuring combined vital signs: oral temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.
Skill 67-Measuring height and weight.
Skill 68-Measuring and recording weight.
Skill 69-Measuring and recording fluid intake/output.
Skill 70-Measuring and recording urinary output.
Skill 71-Assisting with use of bathroom.
Skill 72-Assisting with use of bedside commode.
Skill 73-Assisting with use of bedpan
Skill 74-Assisting with use of urinal
Skill 75-Providing Catheter care.
Skill 75-Emptying urinary drainage bag.
Skill 76-Collecting routine urine specimen
Skill 77-Applying and caring for condom catheter.
Skill 78-Collecting stool specimen.
Skill 79-Administering cleansing enema.

SECTION THREE: Restorative Care
Skill 80-Applying warm or cold applications
Skill 81-Applying elastic bandages.
Skill 82-Assisting with coughing and deep breathing exercise.
Skill 83-Applying and removing elastic stockings or TED hose.
Skill 84-Applying non-sterile dressing.
Skill 85-Preforming postmortem care.
Skill 86-Assisting to ambulate using cane or walker.
Skill 87-Applying transfer belt (gait belt).
Skill 88-Using mechanical lift (Hoyer).
Skill 89-Preforming range of motion exercise.
Skill 90-Preforming passive range of motion (ROM) for one knee and one ankle.
Skill 91-Preforming Passive range of motion (ROM) for one shoulder
Skill 92-Assisting to dangle stand or walk.
Skill 93-Assisting client to ambulant.
Skill 94-Transferring from bed to chair.
Skill 95-Transferring from bed to stretcher.
Skill 96-Moving up in bed.
Skill 97-Moving up in bed using turning sheet.
Skill 98-Positioning resident on side.

SECTION FOUR: Restraints
Skill 99-Applying restraints.
Skill 100-Applying safety belt restraint.
Skill 101-Simulated skill evolution