Dental Assisting Exam

Dental AssistingDental Assisting Exam preparation review enables those pursuing Dental Assisting professional careers to review relevant material through the use of interactive technology, thereby gaining practice, and allowing them to become familiar with the types of questions given on board examinations. Review questions reinforce chapter material and aid in preparation for certification and licensure examinations. This prep package has over 5000 InterActive Practice Questions and Answers guaranteeing student and candidate success whether at college or Board Certification Exams (CDA, DANB, NELDA) for Dental Assisting (DA) improving the Gross Pass Average (GPA)

Dental Assisting Exam
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Dental Assisting Exam Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the Exam prep course the student will be able to:

  1. Review the role of adaptive testing.
  2. Present a comprehensive, personal plan of study for the Boards.
  3. Provide an interactive and exhaustive question bank for Board style exam for candidates to practice.
  4. Provide timed exam to help candidates improve on time and familiarize on the exam.
  • Dental Assisting Exam Prep Online Fee: $199.99
  • Course Category: Board Exam Review
  • Students Taken : 510
  • Topics Included: 56
  • Average Time to Completion: 5 hrs
  • Overall Student Pass Rate: 95.3%


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Dental Assisting Exam Topics

 Section One: Introduction Dentistry
01 History of Dentistry
02 The Dental Team
03 Dental Ethics and Law

Section Two: Dental General Sciences
04 Dental Anatomy and Physiology
05 Head and Neck Anatomy
06 The Face and Oral Cavity
07 Oral Developmental Biology and Tissue Structure
08 Tooth Development
09 Dental Charting
10 Oral Pathology
11 Microbiological Aspect of Dentistry

Section Three: Oral Health and Prevention
12 Dental Disease and Infection Control
13 Dental Caries
14 Periodontal Disease
15 Oral Health and Hygiene
16 Oral Nutrition
17 Instrument Processing and Sterilization
18 Occupational Health and Safety
19 Dental Section Waterlines

Section Four: Dental Patient Care
20 The Dental Office
21 Examination and Treatment Planning
22 Caring for the Dental Patient
23 Obtaining Vital Signs

Section Five: Basic Clinical Skills
24 Dental Instruments
25 Ergonomics
26 Moisture Control
27 Pharmacology
28 Anesthesia and Pain Control

Section Six: Dental Procedures
29 Dental Radiography
30 Dental Film and Processing Radiographs
31 Intraoral Radiographic Procedures
32 Extraoral and Digital Radiographic Procedures
33 Restorative and Esthetic Dental Materials
34 Dental Liners, Bases, and Bonding Systems
35 Dental Cements
36 Impression Materials
37 Laboratory Materials and Procedures
38 General Dentistry
39 Matrix Systems for Restorative Dentistry
40 Fixed Prosthodontics
41 Provisional Coverage
42 Removable Prosthodontics
43 Dental Implants
44 Endodontic Procedures
45 Periodontal Procedures
46 Oral Surgery Procedures
47 Pediatric Dentistry Procedures
48 Coronal Polishing
49 Dental Sealants
50 Orthodontic Procedures
51 Assisting in Emergency Care

Section Seven: Professional Office Management
52 Communication Techniques
53 Practice Management Procedures
54 Financial Management
55 Dental Insurance
56 Marketing Your Skills

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