massage therapy
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Massage Therapy

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Course Overview

Massage Therapy Comprehensive Exam Review.
This exam preparation review enables those pursuing Massage Therapy  professional career to review relevant material through the use of interactive technology, thereby gaining practice, and allowing them to become familiar with the types of questions given on board examinations. Review questions reinforce chapter material and aid in preparation for certification and licensure examinations. This prep package has over 1300 InterActive Practice Questions and Answers guaranteeing student and candidate success whether at college or Board Certification Exams for Massage Therapy such as NCETM, NCETMB (NCBTMB) or MBLEx.

The Topics Include
00 Anatomy and Physiology for the MTs
01 Healing Massage Wellness perspective
02 History of Massage
03 Personal Development and Professionalism
04 Social and Communication Skills
05 Massage Therapy Profession
06 Ethics and Relationships
07 Planning and Employment
08 Documentation and SOAP
09 Private Practice and Finance
10 Effects and Giving of Massage
11 Cautionary Sites
12 Western Massage
13 Joint Movement
14 Body Massage
15 Upper Body Massage
16 Lower Body Massage
17 Thermo and Hydrotherapy
18 Trigger Point Therapy
19 Lymph Flow Facilitation
20 Myofacial Massage
21 Reflexology
22 Mother Baby Massage
23 Sports and Fitness
24 Terminally Ill
25 Old Age
26 Workplace Massage