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Pharmacology Online Course with Exam Reviews

Course Description

Pharmacology online course focuses on the basic drug classification, concepts and principles of pharmacology with special consideration for the nursing role in developing a comprehensive approach to the clinical
application of drug therapy through the use of the nursing process. Nursing implications relative to the utilization of drug therapy are examined. Dosage calculations are evaluated for competency.

Prerequisites: none

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define basic pharmacological terminology.
  2. Apply general concepts of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes and their application in
    drug therapy and the nursing process.
  3. Recognize significant adverse drug reactions, drug-drug, and drug-nutrient interactions.
  4. Describe major classifications of drugs used in modern treatment of disease.
  5. Describe the professional responsibility and standards of practice for the professional nurse as related to the medication administration process.
  6. Develop the necessary skills to provide patient education regarding drug therapy.
  7. Describe strategies employed for patient safety during the preparation and administration of medications.
  8. Demonstrate competency in performing clinical drug and dosage calculations.

  • Course Fee: $79.99
  • Course Category: Natural Sciences
  • Students Taken : 2300
  • Lessons Included: 30
  • Average Time to Completion: 22 hrs
  • Overall Student Pass Rate: 94%

Average Course rating

“Extremely resourceful”
5 stars rating
(2251 Votes)

Topics and Lessons

Pharmacology Practice Course Topics

  1. Introduction and Principles of Pharmacology
  2. Laws and Ethics
  3. Terminology and Abbreviations
  4. Administration of Drugs
  5. Basic Math
  6. Measurements
  7. Dosage Calculation
  8. Nutritional Aspects
  9. Antibacterials and Antivirals
  10. Antifungal and Antiprotozoa
  11. Vaccines and Antibodies
  12. Analgesics, Antipyretic and Anti-inflammations
  13. Anti-Cancer
  14. CNS Drugs
  15. ANS Drugs
  1. Anesthetic Drugs
  2. Skin Diseases Drugs
  3. Cardiovascular System Drugs
  4. Vascular System Drugs
  5. Anticoagulants
  6. Fluids and Electrolyte Balance
  7. Endocrine System
  8. Reproductive System
  9. Gastrointestinal System
  10. Respiratory System
  11. Musculoskeletal System
  12. Eye Disorders
  13. Toxicology
  14. Geriatrics
  15. Pediatrics

Learning Resources

Video eBook Audio Notes Powerpoint presentations Certificate


Online Quizzes Assignments Review Exams
Quizzes assignments Review Exams

  1. Grade Score of 70% or more makes the participants eligible to Certificate of Achievement that can be downloadable as a PDF file.
  2. A letter grade is also assigned on the Certificate of Achievement

Course Credits

  • None
  • Certificate Level
  • College/University Level

Availability of Assistance

  • Self Study (No instructor)
  • Instructor Available
  • Instructor Request (If needed)

Course Features

  • Online Courses
  • Unlimited Accessibility for 6 and 12 months
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Start Anytime
  • Self-Paced
  • User Friendly
  • Suitable to All Students
  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Android/iOs Mobile and Tablet
  • Class Surveys


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