Nurse Aide (CNA)


Written Exam and Clinical Skill Review
We offer reviews for individuals intending to challenge the CNA Board Certification Exams; our reviews are conducted conveniently through web-driven computerized practices and DVD Sets for both lectures and clinical skills. InterActive Practice Exams and Lessons are web-based (computerized) and are readily accessible through our website. e-Learning is new method Colleges and Universities are moving to save travel time and gas expenses. We have integrated the best of the two worlds to present the Study Package for Test Prep for the State Boards.Most of our students pass their Pearson-VUE® State Board Certification exams by using our resources and study tips. clinical5

There are two ways to become a CNA, first option is to take a formal training in a college or other formal school for 4 months or more, however, this is not the only way or not mandatory but this is increasingly becoming competitive because of limited space and inconvenient to adult learners with other obligations either at work, home or in the community. Second option is to simply Challenge the Board Certification Exam, one must be able to perform all the Clinical Skills and pass the Written Exam. Minnay Educational Services can provide the following to assist you:-

  1. Preparation for Written Board Exam: Comprehensive question and answers database that is interactive with lessons from all areas that are covered in the exam, unlimited practice time period and self evaluation features for participants to know their own preparedness and readiness to take the Board Certification Exam. Most CNA trainers and schools around the country use our resources to help their students pass the Boards. For students that are visual learners, we encourage the CNA-I DVD Set for lectures and course content.
  2. Preparation for Clinical Competence Skills: We encourage you to watch CNA-I Clinical Competence DVD Sets over and over again, the to get a partner to practice the skills learned. Its always advisable before scheduling for your Board Certification Exam to find somebody who is already certified to run you through in order to fine tune your skill sets. Many States have a rule that you can challenge the Board Certification Exams at most three (3) times before it becomes a requirement to attend the traditional school or college.