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Maternity Nursing Audio Lectures
The Maternity Nursing Audio Series addresses concepts specific to the childrearing family where the focus continues to be on the family-centered approach to nursing care with a greater depth for understanding of nursing role. The nurse’s responsibilities as a provider of care, manager of care, and member within the discipline of nursing, all which assist the client to progress toward wholeness and the need of client teaching, critical thinking, communication and pharmacology are explored. This 4 hours Comprehensive Lecture Series with illustrations series explore detail anatomy, physiological and pathophysiological background of disorders and condition before getting into therapeutic interventions. This innovative package of Maternity Nursing audio is designed to help schools of nursing to improve their NCLEX pass rate for their graduating students by giving them tools to prepare and review the subject matter more efficiently, rigorously and comprehensively in Maternity Nursing cds.

Maternity Nursing AudioMaternity Nursing Audio give students the technological edge as they review or prepare for their exams. The greatest benefit is that they provide the convenience of studying literally anywhere such as through your car stereo player, iPod, smartphone, MP3 player, PCs or tables. Using the latest MP3 technology, Audio lectures include study tracks which can be instantly Podcasted to your PC, using iTunes, and stored on any MP3 player or mobile device ready to access your lectures while driving, at the gym, in the library, restaurant, bus stop, at the park or when doing exercise.

Maternity Nursing Audio
Maternity Nursing Audio  Copyright: 2019
Available for Nursing Schools, Libraries & Individual Students
Total Run Time: 4 hours
Package: 19 Titles
ISBN:  978-9987-03-044-6


Unit 1. Introduction to Family-Centered Care
1. Contemporary Maternal Newborn and Child Health Nursing
2. Culture and the Family
3. Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
4. Conception and Fetal Development

Unit 2. Pregnancy and Family
8. Preparation for Parenthood
9. Physical and Psychologic Changes of Pregnancy
10. Antepartal Nursing Assessment
11. The Expectant Family: Needs and Care
12. Maternal Nutrition
13. Adolescent Pregnancy
14. Assessment of Fetal Well-Being
15. Pregnancy at Risk: Pregestational Problems
16. Pregnancy at Risk: Gestational Problems

Unit 3. Birth and the Family
17. Processes and Stages of Labor and Birth
18. Intrapartal Nursing Assessment
19. The Family in Childbirth: Needs and Care
20. Pharmacologic Pain Management
21. Childbirth at Risk: Prelabor Complications
22. Childbirth at Risk: Labor-Related Complications
23. Birth-Related Procedures