Fundamentals of Nursing
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Fundamentals of Nursing DVD Copyright: 2012
Available for Nursing Schools, Libraries & Individual Students
Total Run Time: 22 hours
ISBN: 978-9987-03-042-2

Fundamentals of Nursing DVD

Fundamentals of Nursing DVDs
The Fundamental of Nursing DVD Series focus on an introduction to basic nursing concepts and skills. Utilizing the nursing process and Watson’s Theory of Human Caring, emphasis is put on specific concepts needed in the planning of nursing care addressing a client’s cognitive, interpersonal, psychomotor skills, psychosocial and developmental needs. This 13 DVD pack introduces concepts basic to beginning nursing practice. Emphasis is placed on the application of the nursing process to provide and manage care as a member of the discipline of nursing. This DVD package covers all the topics taught in the college and undergraduate level nursing level LPN/LVN, RN and BSN, this includes End of Life, Chronic Illness, Functional Assessment, Pain and comfort, Cultural Diversity, Community Based Nursing and Sensory alterations.

This is a Fundamentals of Nursing full course with 52 topics normally taught in one or two semesters at Nursing School programs at RN, PN or VN levels and suitable for NCLEX Review in the respective area. The Fundamental of Nursing DVD set is used by instructors as supplemental material, nursing schools as alternative to textbooks and library as special professors reference materials. Individual students aspiring or already in nursing program is a "must have" DVD set.

This innovative package of Fundamental of Nursing DVDs set is designed to help schools of nursing to improve their NCLEX pass rate for their graduating students by giving them tools to prepare and review the subject matter more efficiently, rigorously and comprehensively in Fundamentals of Nursing Course.

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