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Microbiology DVDs and Viideo

Microbiology DVD Copyright: 2013
Available for  Institutions, Libraries & Individual Students
Total Run Time: 26 hours
Package: 12 DVDs Set
ISBN: 978-9987-03-023-1

Microbiology DVDs and Video

General Microbiology DVD
The General Microbiology DVDs and video covers the principles of microbiology. Microbiology DVDs set has 12 DVDs covering the study of microorganisms, which are unicellular or cell-cluster microscopic organisms. This General Microbiology DVD set includes eukaryotes such as fungi and protists, and prokaryotes, which are bacteria and archaea. Viruses, though not strictly classed as living organisms, are also studied. Microbiology is a broad term which includes virology, mycology, parasitology and other branches. Microbiology DVDs and video at the undergraduate level course for students who want to expand their knowledge of the microscopic world, in general, or for use in professional or further studies. Microbiology DVDs and video is fundamentally for the general microbiology course taught at a level which should allow for seamless continuity and integration with Nursing, Medical, Dental and Allied health Microbiology courses. The Microbiology DVDs has animations, interviews and PowerPoint's slides incorporated in the lecture for easy grasping and comprehension of the subject matter. The Microbiology DVD set is suitable for individual students or institution.

Topics General Microbiology DVD

  1. Microbial World (Introduction to Microbiology)
  2. The Chemical Principles
  3. Observing Microorganism Using Microscope
  4. Functional anatomy of Microorganism
  5. Microbial Metabolism
  6. Microbial Growth
  7. Control of microbial Growth
  8. Microbial Genetics
  9. Biotech and Recombinant DNA Technology
  10. Microbial Classification and Taxonomy
  11. Prokaryotes: Bacteria
  12. Eukaryotes: Fungi, Protozoans and Worms
  13. Viruses, Viriods and Prions
  14. Disease Principles and Epidemiology
  15. Mechanisms of Pathogenicity
  16. Host Mechanisms and Immunology
  17. Antimicrobial Drugs
  18. Diseases of the Skin, Eye, Nervous, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System
  19. Diseases of the Respiratory, Digestive, and Reproductive System
  20. Applied and Industrial Microbiology
  21. Environmental Microbiology


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